sir donald rogers pass

Mount Sir Donald in Roger’s Pass is one of the most iconic mountains in the region and rises to an elevation of 3,284 m (10,774 ft).  The Northwest Ridge and the peak of the mountain stand out as you travel east on the TransCanada highway.  It was originally named Syndicate Peak in honor of the group who arranged the finances for the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, but was later renamed after Donald Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, head of the syndicate. Emil Huber and Carl Sulzer of Switzerland and porter Harry Cooper made the first ascent of Sir Donald in 1890. By the 1910s, an average of three or four ascents per year were being made.

This mountain has some very popular mountaineering routes due to the rock quality and classic Matterhorn shape.  The hike up to the saddle provides a grand view of the Illeciliwaet Glacier.  Find more information about the climbing routes on  Buy a park pass and head up to the mountain for a hike.  Or if you are a more serious climber then attempt the Northwest Ridge, a climb renowned in the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America.